Feb 232013

wordle2I’m getting a warm buzzy feeling when people let me know what Word/Play is doing for them. A voice in my head goes ‘yes, hoorah, they get it!’ *PunchTheAir!*  What I mean is: Word/Play seems to be making a difference, and in ways that I hadn’t dared imagine.

The strapline for Word/Play describes how we want to use the power of language to make change happen. Straplines are always difficult to come up with because you want to try and encapsulate a big idea in a few words. Words are powerful little beings. Especially when spoken out loud by people who have taken a huge risk to step out of their comfort zone.

And that is happening.

Some people have had their creativity suppressed by past experiences.  Now Word/Play is fanning an ember back into life.

Several have had something deep inside they’ve been wanting to say, but haven’t discovered how to do it until now.

And others just want to shout at the world.

It’s Saturday morning, the end of a long week. But I just wanted to post this short thing to share my excitement for what this project is doing. To say that people in Somerset are amazing, creative individuals.

Our contagiously talented Spoken Word Artists are stirring people to write and speak some incredible stuff. Someone said the other day: “I went on the website and I was there! It’s so cool!”  See what they mean: www.takeart.org/wordplay

There is also a Word/Play Facebook page and you can follow the project on twitter: @TakeArtWordPlay

And just in case you were wondering…

Word/Play is Take Art’s two-year initiative that brings together theatre, spoken word and digital media to create change. It’s for individuals, groups and communities living in Somerset. Anyone, in fact, who wants to their voice to be heard, to feel better about themselves or to make a difference in their lives.

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