Jan 012013

I’ve recently published a new and updated edition of Rising from the Dust ~ India’s Hidden Voices on Amazon’s Kindle. As well as including updates on some of the original stories, the new edition provides links to other relevant news stories, publications and online material released since the book was first published in 2008.

It’s received some great 5* reviews on Amazon, so please check it out.  If you don’t have a Kindle, you can still read it on your phone, computer or tablet with one of Amazon’s free reading apps.

The 2nd paperback (2011) edition can be purchased in the UK from Waterstone’s or worldwide online.  Here’s how.

Update 16 February 2013: It’s also now available on the Barnes & Noble NookKobo and for the Apple iBook.  The Sony Reader edition should be available soon.

When I originally wrote Rising from the Dust I wanted to offer an honest portrayal of my experiences of when I first went to India several years ago. In so doing, I presented difficult, unpalatable issues for debate. A few years on and, despite the incredible pace of change in India in recent years, many of these issues remain deeply pertinent. But it’s not a heavy read, as you’ll discover… Continue reading »

Aug 012012

‘It is without any shadow of doubt the finest and most enjoyable piece of non-fiction that I have ever read.’   Jack Kelsey, founder trustee of SKCV

2nd edition now available


Quitting his job and selling his house, Mark Helyar travels to India.  Discovering a dynamic side to its vast land and people, he becomes embroiled in a post-tsunami orphanage intrigue, lives with street kids and is the first Angrez to visit some of the remote villages of the Garhwal region in the Himalayan foothills.

His quest for adventure turns into a labour of love as he gains intimate access into the heart of a society rarely experienced by the western world.  Sharing the hopes and fears of the young, the trials of Himalayan hill women and the anxieties of the older generation, he encounters a society in transition, continually torn between tradition and development, culture and belief.

As India emerges as a major world player, many people and communities could be left trampled in the dust.  Their stories, bursting with life, paint a timely and revealing portrait of the spirit and determination of India’s hidden voices.

available in paperback and kindle

UK £9.99
ISBN 978-0-9559430-1-0
eISBN 978-0-9559430-2-7

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other readers’ comments

‘Insightful, inspirational, honest and entertaining.’
‘Beautifully written, utterly compelling.’
‘A fascinating insight into a world I shall never see, but your book has enabled me to do it from the luxury of my armchair.’
‘Finished the book and enjoyed every word… Never enjoyed another person’s journey so much.’
‘Soul-searching and well-researched… Useful preparation for anyone planning to volunteer in a developing country, especially India.’